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I made this app to bring everything I've learned about health and longevity together, and make it as easily accessible as possible. Please listen to the intro first!
(Take your time, this is NOT quickquick click-click, it can't be, this is deep!)

Below is the table of content: in the app you will find a short (1 - 15 minutes) audio-podcast for each topic, with an efficient summary, including the best resources for further research. They each end with a question to set your score for the respective topic - to help you implement this knowledge in your daily life (by showing you in a clear number where you stand - quantification is powerful).

These are the basics and the framework is science! There is soo much knowledge out there and thanks to exponential progress in medicine, things are moving fast. The future will be amazing! - and probably very different from what you'd expect.
At the bottom you will find more sample mini-podcasts.

:) Enjoy!

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Intro Workout:

Intro Hormones:

Blood Markers > Inflammation:

Screenings > Coronary Calcium Scan: